Renae Leith-Manos

Corporate Consulting

In addition to her work as a journalist, Renae contracts with a diverse range of businesses and clients to develop strategic marketing, communication and social media strategies across several platforms.

She has commercial experience across varied businesses from start-ups to global companies. The brands and products she has worked with range from mainstream global cosmetics, to gambling outlets, financial institutions, property companies, international retailers and national fashion empires.

Her breadth of experience within the media has given her the ability to understand complex business issues, cut through complexities and isolate core issues quickly to not only find resolutions, but ways to communicate them.

Her work in strategic planning has included campaigns to introduce new products, crisis management, re-branding, project management, diversification, budgeting, developing on-line strategies and awareness, managing internal and external business partner relationships, business plans and staff management.

From writing a snappy piece of copy to co-producing web-sites and delivering public presentations, Renaeā€™s skills in the professional world are multi-faceted and diverse.