Lunch with Renae

The long-running ‘Lunch with Renae’ segment featured in Sydney Weekly over two years, where Renae interviewed a high profile media identity, chef or performer at some of Sydney’s best restaurants.

Kerry O’Brien

Kerry O’Brien’s been in your lounge room for years grilling the most powerful politicians in the world. When he’s off-air, off comes the tie as he enjoys a glass of red and a thick rare steak, and time out with his family.

Napoleon Perdis

He’s only been in business nine years, but Napoleon already has 204 outlets and 230 staff nationwide selling his cosmetics. And he’s just about to launch in Los Angeles.

David Bromley

His art is sold across the globe but lunch at David Bromley’s home is organic vegies and good conversation.

James Patterson

Over lunch at ARIA, thriller writer James Patterson tells how he got ahead in advertising – then gave it all away for the love of a good woman.

Gerry Harvey

Ask anyone in Australia who the king of retail is and most would say Gerry Harvey. Starting out selling door-to-door, Harvey says his success lies in knowing what people will pay.