Travel Stories

From Paris to Perth, and Auckland to Ireland, Renae has travelled the globe writing stories for a range of travel magazines and newspapers, including The Sun Herald, Daily Telegraph, Gourmet Traveller and Qantas.


Fiji – Family Fun Run

It’s not a typo. Luxe holidays with kids are very possible in the South Pacific’s most beautiful, family-friendly islands.

CEOs & their cities – Qantas Magazine

Where Business lunches pay dividends, hotels that are worthy to host friends, overseas holiday intelligence… Leading Australian CEOs open their little black books for Qantas The Australian Way.

Herd Instinct – Qantas Trends

Holidaying with friends, family or those with a shared passion has benefits that go beyond financial savings.

Golden Door

A three-day trip to the new Golden Door Elysia in the Hunter Valley could be the answer to less stress.

Tasteful Travel

A gourmet treasure trove awaits the adventurous outside of Sydney.

Holiday Luxury

Sydney City brings you our favourite, most luxurious places to stay in the world.

Slice Of Heaven

A North Island trip is out of this world with a stay at Huka Lodge.

A memorable trip down the U2 road

‘There’s Bono!’, my friend’s husband whispered across the table as we sat in a small French bistro in Monaco in the south of France four years ago.